Books by Jolene Babyak: Psychopaths, Escapes and Family Stories


The Many Faces of Robert Stroud

Bird Man is a compelling history of Robert Stroud, a psychopathic personality and double murderer. Using interviews with people who knew him, family and prison documents, Jolene illuminates his early family life and fame in prison resulting from his research on bird diseases.

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The Great Escape from Alcatraz

Breaking the Rock, The Great Escape from Alcatraz is a brisk, lively non-fiction narrative—using interviews, FBI and federal prison files—exposing the events surrounding the most famous escape attempt in U.S. history which became one of the most enduring mysteries of the 20th Century. With 96 photographs.

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Profiles of the Most Famous Prisoners on The Rock

Alcatraz Most Wanted, written under the pen name Cory Kincade, is a fun, fact-filled collection of 15 of the most famous Alcatraz prisoners, including Al Capone, “Machine Gun” Kelly, “Ol’ Creepy” Karpis and James “Whitey” Bulger. With scores of photos, many in color, this fast-paced book is a must read for all Alcatraz fans.

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Relatos de los Niños
que Vivieron en La Roca

Mi “Quinceañera” en Alcatraz, in Spanish for children of all ages, is filled with recollections about families who lived on The Rock while it was a maximum-security prison. Funny, light-hearted, with lots of family photos and tales of escape attempts.

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